Cartoon Artist Helps Companies Increase Exhibit Booth Traffic at Trade Shows

Charles King is an expert and experienced cartoon artist who has been in the business since 1975. His artwork focuses on preparing creative cartoons and not mere caricatures. He mainly participates in trade shows and events.

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How To Draw like Dallas Cartoonist Charles King Draws

like Dallas Cartoonist Draws Charles Kings Draws
A video is under construction teaching how Dallas cartoonist Charles King draws. The video will also include how he created his own career, how he got started, techniques, tools of the trade, and tips on how to actually make money with art. It will tell how he has marketed his work, sold a line of pen and ink drawings to Sears, and sold his line of drawings to gift shops nationally. Charles King believes anyone can learn to draw with a little help, and some suggestions on tips of the trade. Please, if you are interested, contact Charles King to be contacted when the video is ready to be released. Suggestions on what you would like to see in the video would be very much appreciated. If your idea is used, you will get a free copy of the video.