Over 50 years experience helping companies improve exhibit booth traffic
"You were worth every penny"

Companies use Charles King because

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1. Best personalized trade show giveaway drawn on paper pre-printed with company logo.

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2. Salespeople can leisurely pitch customers and prospects while waiting for their drawing.


3. The only thing given away at a trade show that the recipient will frame, at their expense, and hang in their office.

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Cartoon Artist Helps Companies Increase Exhibit Booth Traffic at Trade Shows

Dallas Cartoonist Charles King is a cartoon artist working for exhibitors at trade shows as a traffic builder since 1975. He has worked for many companies as an entertainer, drawing cartoons, not caricatures, to help companies increase exhibit booth traffic at trade shows.

How To Draw like Dallas Cartoonist Charles King Draws

A video is under construction teaching how Dallas cartoonist Charles King draws. The video will also include how he created his own career, how he got started, techniques, tools of the trade, and tips on how to actually make money with art. It will tell how he has marketed his work, sold a line of pen and ink drawings to Sears, and sold his line of drawings to gift shops nationally. Charles King believes anyone can learn to draw with a little help, and some suggestions on tips of the trade. Please, if you are interested, contact Charles King to be contacted when the video is ready to be released. Suggestions on what you would like to see in the video would be very much appreciated. If your idea is used, you will get a free copy of the video.

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Targeted Advertising Results

Charles specializes in creating cartoon drawings of people in trade shows and private events. His artwork is so brilliant that the recipients have showcased their work by framing their cartoons and hanging them in their office. In this way, Charles acquires successful, long term, targeted advertising results.

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Expert Exhibitor Entertainer

Charles has over 50 years of expertise working as an exhibitor entertainer in trade shows and other corporate and private events. He has traveled from coast to coast to draw cartoons of different people. His most popular clients include Toyota, Ford, IBM, Nike, and many more.

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Meet Charles King

Charles King is the owner and sole employee of Dallas Cartoonist Charles King. While studying accounting, he entertained by drawing cartoons at fraternity, sorority, children, and company parties. President Reagan and Carter have set for him to draw. He has also drawn Senators, Congressmen, Governors, and Royalty. His cartoons are not considered caricatures.

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Meet Charles King

Charles King is the owner and sole employee of Dallas Cartoonist Charles King. While studying accounting, he entertained by drawing cartoons at the fraternity, sorority, children, and company parties. He has drawn thousands of cartoons and even had 2 presidents sit for him. His creations are artistic and are not mere caricatures.


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“You were worth every penny.”

Motown records

“Thank you again for a job well done."


“Our booth was one of the most active at the Expo, thanks to your class act.”

Ottawa Truck Corporation

“We left the show in Chicago with more leads from sample request than ever before.”

Solvay Enzymes

“Mariah was the talk of the Chicago Boat Show, thanks to you.”


“There is no doubt that your presence helped make the Emerson exhibit booth “Best of Show” at the national guard convention in San Antonio.”

Emerson Electronics and Space

“Hiring you for Con Expo proved to be an excellent decision.”


“The consensus of the Johnson control sales staff that worked our booth in Chicago was that your work enhanced our efforts to show Johnson Control as a world class company.”

Johnson Controls

“We feel your personal touch to our booth stimulated new business as well as gave our present and future customers a lasting memoir of Robarb in the National Swimming Pool Institute Show in New Orleans.”


“Your dedication, talent, and sense of humor enhanced Sikorsky’s “Show Stopper” image during this year’s helicopter expo Las Vegas.”


“Wow, 21 years working with Watt Publishing. Thank you.”

Watt Publishing

“I continue to receive very positive comments on the drawing power of Monsanto‘s based on your presence.”


“You were a hit at our Indy 500 weekend in Indianapolis during the race.”


“Traffic was up 29% in our booth over the same two days during last year’s convention, thanks to the attraction you provided to our booth in Las Vegas during the National Automobile Dealers Association Expo.”

R L Polk

“You helped launch the industrial engines division of Toyota.”